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Cloth Kits and Patterns

My blog friend Heidi always finds the most interesting and beautiful art and events to read about and see.  I love checking in and seeing what she’s found, and today, well, it made my heart beat a bit faster than usual.  In fact, I almost have to think she posted it just for me!

These wonderful animal illustrations from Louise Elliot.  She’s got 12 Animals of the World that you can download (free), give to the kids to color, or as Heidi suggests, use them as crewel patterns. As I like to stitch most of my gifts, I’ve been thinking about stitching animals for kids, and I think I might have to use these!

But as I explore even more, I am just swooning over her doll and animal kits.  I am totally drawn to these.  I think it is because they are printed on fabric (if you know me, I am obsessed with anything printed on fabric, and well, just fabric in general), and two, I am completely drawn in to each design, I just love her illustrations.

I am really intrigued by cloth kits.  Some, I must be honest, I wouldn’t make, but I would make Louise Elliot’s kit in a heartbeat, and anything from clothkits especially:

this Rob Ryan skirt.  SWOON CITY!!!

Lottie Frank

I have a little fashion illustration love.  It’s something I’ve been doing most of my life, for me, doodles on napkins, in my sketchbooks, on notes during meetings (shhh, don’t tell).

Remember this post where I mentioned Lottie Frank?  Lottie Frank is the beautiful work of illustrator/designer Lucy Claydon.  Well, I don’t know if you’ve been watching, but there’s new work in her Etsy shop.

There’s more treasure to explore in her Flickr too.