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It all started….

when she was mad and she slapped my arm.  Hard.


I let her know that it hurt and it was not ok to hit me or anyone else.  She did it again.

I told her the same thing again and let her know that there would be absolutely no movie tonight.  You see, we have a bit of screen time before bed time.  It’s our way of slowing down a bit before getting into bed and reading books.  Not long, but long enough to sit still.

But not tonight.

You know if I could spend the rest of every minute in my life sewing or making something I would.  So what did we do instead?  We got out the fabric box and sewing machine.  In a few days it would be cousin Siena’s 2nd birthday, and what were we going to make her? (our goal is to make as many, if not all, of our gifts).  Izzy wanted to make her a doll.  GREAT!  Let’s draw a picture of what we should make, no mom, I don’t need to.  (So me before I decided I had to absolutely plan everything out.)  Ok, I could do this without a plan…so first we looked at the fabric and she suggested we start with a triangle.  I cut a triangle (on the fold).  Then I cut out rectangles for arms or legs.  I got out the bag of feathers and Iz sat at the sewing machine.

Sewing Project

Sewing Project

Once the body was all stitched up, I cut circles out and she worked on the eyes.

Sewing Project

Sewing Project

Voila!  Siena’s Owl.

Siena's Owl

I was pretty proud.  She was too.  We had so much fun together (we always do…).  She loves to make as much as her mom and dad do.

Mail Art

Getting letters and things in the mail is one of those things that makes my heart beat even faster.  I’m not excatly sure what it is about mail art, perhaps the passion that goes into making something for someone special, or the travel part, or the postage part (I LOVE stamps).  But I do love it.  I spied this today and had to share.

You can see all the rest on Riitta’s site, along with her other projects.  I especially love the snowflake project.


Don’t Worry, You Won’t Miss The Next One.

Today was the start of another of Lulu Smith’s Online Gallery days.  A lot has already sold, and if you are quick, you might be able to get this:

or these:

I’m sure there will be one in December.  You can sign up on her website to be notified of the next one and enter to win a free pair of earrings.  If you aren’t familiar with her work, well, what are you waiting for? And be sure to check out her blog.  That’s where you can find things like this, that I keep clicking on.

Sandra Backlund

I just knit a hat. I love my hat. (pictures later)

Sandra Backlund has knit some incredible fantastic amazing outfits.

I first saw her work in one of my issues of Selvedge:

I’m very excited about her current collection:

I especially love the way she transforms the body with her organic exaggerated shapes (not to mention those fabulous wedge shoes!).  The shapes are quite beautiful and only make the bodies more beautiful.  Her work is dreamy.  Be sure to check the archives on her site to see more work.

Thanks to Design Milk for reminding me of Sandra Backlund.

Cloth Kits and Patterns

My blog friend Heidi always finds the most interesting and beautiful art and events to read about and see.  I love checking in and seeing what she’s found, and today, well, it made my heart beat a bit faster than usual.  In fact, I almost have to think she posted it just for me!

These wonderful animal illustrations from Louise Elliot.  She’s got 12 Animals of the World that you can download (free), give to the kids to color, or as Heidi suggests, use them as crewel patterns. As I like to stitch most of my gifts, I’ve been thinking about stitching animals for kids, and I think I might have to use these!

But as I explore even more, I am just swooning over her doll and animal kits.  I am totally drawn to these.  I think it is because they are printed on fabric (if you know me, I am obsessed with anything printed on fabric, and well, just fabric in general), and two, I am completely drawn in to each design, I just love her illustrations.

I am really intrigued by cloth kits.  Some, I must be honest, I wouldn’t make, but I would make Louise Elliot’s kit in a heartbeat, and anything from clothkits especially:

this Rob Ryan skirt.  SWOON CITY!!!

Wanting a Wreath…

I’ve been trying to wrap my brain around the holidays now, instead of during, so I can make a few things.  One project on my list is a wreath.

I remember making wreaths with mom and my grandmother.  I remember the evergreen wrapped to a metal wreath with a red ribbon.  I remember collecting pine cones and acorns and gluing them to a plywood wreath form.  I think Iz would love to make a wreath this year too!

Here’s a little inspiration gathering I’ve been doing.

Wanting Wreaths

Clicking on the photo will take you to Flickr and you can click on the links in the caption to learn about each individual wreath.

Wreaths 101Loopy Paper WreathWreath HangerGingerbread Man WreathHow To Create Embossed Velvet Leaves. Gumdrop Wreath. Trailer Park Christmas Fabric Softner Sheet WreathRecycled Magazine Christmas WreathGeek Wreath.

Quilt List

Glaze Samples

I love those “paint it yourself” pottery places.  They are not the cheapest thing to do on a rainy day, but they sure are fun.  This one in Poulsbo, had glaze samples velcro’ed to a tile, and I couldn’t take my eyes off them.  I played with the little tiles over and over, and as I look at this photo longer, I want to make a quilt out of it.

Then it I get lost in quilt land.  I’ve always loved quilts.  Madly.  I loved making Iz’s quilt and the little scrap quilt for her doll.  Grandma Ruby quilts and belongs to a quilt club which keeps her busy.  I love the Virtual Quilting Bee.  When we were working on our Eco Quilts at LuckyStitches, We read about the quilts of Gee’s Bend, and I couldn’t stop pouring over the images of each quilt.

I have dreams about making another quilt (jeez, among other things, my list keeps getting longer!), and with Christmas approaching fast, I’m thinking the quilt idea is going to have to wait until the new year.  Which is ok, day dreaming about quilts, looking at fabric, working in the notebook is all fun too.

I’m also really interested in free pieced quilting.  I don’t think I could stick with following a pattern and cutting tons of squares, triangles, etc.  But I could make it all up as I go along.  I like what happens when you wing it (sounds crazy doesn’t it, coming from a control freak!), but I find I’m most creative then.  I guess you could look at it like playing with fabric and stitches and just letting it all happen.  (I am so talking myself into this!)

You could think of this post as part of my Take Pictures and Plan plan. More lists later…

Doin’ The Twirly Skirt Twirl

Twirly Skirt Twirl

It was a wonderful weekend.  We spent it with cousins and we stitched it up (among other creative things).  While visiting downtown Poulsbo, we stopped in at Heirloom Quilts.  The girls each picked fabric for their skirts.  It was so much fun.  If Iz could have, she would have taken a cut from every single bolt.  She’s a girl after my own heart.

Twirly Skirt Twirl

I had promised my cousin that I would teach her to sew, and making one of these is so perfect.  She learned how to measure herself, how to rip fabric (so we didn’t worry about cutting straight lines), how to iron, wind a bobbin, thread the machine and sew in straight lines.  It’s the perfect skirt, because it’s ok if you can’t sew a straight line, you won’t see it!  You can totally design them with the right fabrics and band placement.

photo by Iz

Sewing Her Own Twirly

Iz loves the sewing machine.  If the table were lower, she could certainly step on the pedal herself.

Learning To Sew

Sarah did such a great job.  Her skirt was AWESOME!  The prints she picked were adorable and a total reflection of her personality.  It was great for me, I’ve been missing teaching sewing.  I keep thinking that I’ll just start teaching again.  soon.  really soon!

PS – Want to make your own Twirly?  Here’s a really, really wonderful tute from House on Hill Road.