I am really in the bag mood.  I really want to make this Betty Shopper bag as reviewed by BitterBetty.  I really love it.  The size seems just perfect.  I think I’ll add a bag class to LuckyStitches.  I really want to make some bags this year.  Maybe a bright blue or hot pink? Patent Leather?  ooh the possibilities are endless. Regardless, this is definitely on my To-Do list!

oh…and don’t forget to click over to LuckyStitches and sign up for the newsletter.  In the next week, I’ll be announcing the May/June 2007 Calendar.  I’ve planned a bunch of great workshops.  If you’re nearby, I hope you’ll stop in!

One thought on “Bag-o-Rama

  1. tami

    this looks like an awesome bag…i love making bags so I am going to give this one a try…I have to track down the pattern, but when I do and get it done, I will let you know!!!

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